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The Art of Hair Extensions



Extensions can be used for adding length and fullness, or applied in smaller amounts to create a colorful fantasy look, add volume and thickness, add highlights/ low lights, or for a special effect. Special effects might include adding a bang, length on the sides or just repairing a bad haircut. In some cases we can restore a natural look after hair loss from a medical condition.

We offer only 100% remy hair, which means the hair cuticle is facing in the same direction which prevents tangling and matting. Remy hair allows the blending with your own hair to give the appearance of natural, healthy looking hair.

On average, A full head normally requires 250-350 strands of hair to be completed. This will take 3-6 hours to apply. Smaller applications will take much less time. Those applications include: highlights, special effects, or adding volume. Removal usually takes about half the application time. Cinderella Hair Strips, T-Hair, and Veil are reusable and take less time to apply.

Human hair can be shampooed, conditioned and styled with many products. Blow dryers, curling irons, flat or waving irons may all be used. Direct heat must be avoided at the point of application.


We offer a variety of application methods. We have available 8’’- 24’’ in length. Over 75 colors, and 3 textures to choose from.

Please contact us using this link if you would like to book a Complimentary Extensions Consultation.

This complimentary consultation (by phone or in person) is designed to determine the right fit for you, including length, color, texture, application method, maintenance, price, and desired end result. Once this consultation is complete, we will set your application appointment. 


Heat fusion is our preferred method. The hair is pre-tipped with organic protein bond (not glue), which is applied strand by strand, at a low temperature. It boasts a natural look and lasts 3-5 months. It is also easy to remove. The bond will be customized to match the density of your hair, which makes it safe for your hair with proper application and removal.

Learn more about Cinderella CLASSIC Hair Extensions here.

Heat Fusion Classic Hair Extensions



The link method is also strand by strand application. The hair is held with a small bead near the scalp and requires NO heat or glue. It can be worn 3-5 months and then be reused one time. This method is recommended for thicker/coarse hair.

Learn more about Cinderella I-HAIR Hair Extensions here.

I-Hair Link Hair Extensions


T-Hair is applied with heat and will last 4-6 weeks. This hair may be re-used once or twice with new tape. The application is much faster and therefore is less expensive. This hair is best for someone wanting to add length and fullness in back and mainly wears their hair down. By combining heat fusion with T-Hair a very natural look can be achieved.

Learn more about Cinderella T-HAIR Hair Extensions here.

T-Hair Tape Hair Extensions


SECRETS Invisible Tape-Ins​ are so invisible, they can be placed higher up, even with thinning hair. Hairdreams' proprietary "3D-Imprint" manufacturing technology makes the hair look like it's growing right out of the scalp. Lengths include 12", 16", and 20", and they are recommended to be re-applied after 8 weeks.

Learn more about Hairdreams SECRETS Invisible Tape Extensions here.



Cinderella Hair Strips are applied with links, which require no heat or bond. A full head of hair, adding both length and volume, can be achieved in less than two hours. We recommend this hair be removed and reapplied every 6-8 weeks. It is available in 18" and 22" body wave and may be reused multiple times.

Learn more about Cinderella STRIPS Hair Extensions here.

Cinderella Hair Strips Hair Extensions



The Cinderella Hair Veil is applied with links and is reusable. This hair should be removed and re-applied every 6-8 weeks. It comes 30" wide and we cut to customize it to your head size, shape, and desired end result. 

Learn more about Cinderella VEIL Hair Extensions here.

Cinderella Hair Veil Hair Extensions



Clip-in extensions are available for quick style changes. These are great for special occasions but should not be used for daily wear. The clips can cause breakage to the hair if applied in the same area repeatedly. Clip-ins are available in 20" and 22" body wave.

Learn more about Cinderella Clip-In Hair Extensions here.

Clip-In Hair Extensions
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